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Candy Club - October 2019

Halloween is the best holiday isn't it?

Welcome to the first proper edition of Candy Club!


First off, we have new products in the online store right now. Here's a little preview of what we've added:

That's right! The long teased and anticipated Dragon Print Series is finally here! Along with those, we've added our fanny packs, RPG Class Print Series, RPG Class Badges, popsicle vinyl stickers, PRIDE popsicle vinyl stickers, carnivorous plants vinyl stickers, and even more! We have also added two new poses to our Sylveon pronoun badges, so if you were thinking about grabbing one, be sure to check out the new options.

That's not all the news for the store though, we also have even more new merchandise on the way! I recently placed an order for pencil bags with 5 different patterns, 3 of which are brand new! I guarantee that the lovers of our carnivorous plants line won't be disa-point-ed with one of them.

Not to tease too much at once, but we will also have two other new products coming in the near future! One is a wearable fabric accessory, the other starts with the letters d-a-k-i...


The portfolio section of the website has been updated with new artwork and reorganized to be better. Check out the new pieces!

The commissions page has been updated to show rough prices for commissions. Prices were raised recently and the posted prices reflect that change. As always prices are flexible, so if you're interested, please send a message! Commissions are currently open so don't hesitate to get what you've been waiting for.

this isn't me but it might as well be with how much watercolor I've been working on lately


It's #Inktober season once again! I will be doing my best to participate, but as I seem to get busier every year, most prompts will probably be ink sketches. Also I always forget to post them on the day that I do them, so I always seem behind no matter if I am or not. Hopefully I'll be better at posting consistently this time around.

As far as traveling this month, we will be vending at Aquatifur this year (again)! I will be in the Dealer's Den at Table 17, down a row of one of the entrance doors. Aquatifur takes place from October 11-13 this time. I hope to see you there!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year in my opinion. If you need something to match the season, my commissions for icons and badges are open. I hear tales of a badge sale on the horizon...

I announced recently on Twitter that I am a part of several zines right now. The Spooky and Spice zine will be releasing soon and raising money for children's hospitals, and the Stardew Valley Cookbook is available for pre-orders now! I was a merch artist, so be sure to get one of the merch tiers if you want what I made in that one.

That's all for this time. Thanks for reading! Have a Happy Halloween! 🎃


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