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Gallery Shows

Caramel Comics has had artwork in several galleries and is working hard to get into more.

Check here for the latest gallery information.

Current Shows

Currently all Caramel Comics artwork is at our studio. Stay tuned to see where it goes next!

Previous Shows

  • Midwest Furfest Art Show, December 6-8, 2019, Rosemont, IL

  • Ball State University BFA Thesis Show, December 13-19,2015, Muncie, IN

  • Arts Walk, September 2015, Muncie, IN

  • Know Thyself: A Mosaic of Experiences, October 27 - November 24 2015, Muncie, IN


Caramel Comics has been vending at conventions for years. Here's a list of where we have been and where you might have seen us before, as well as where you can see us next.

Previous Conventions

  • CozyCon 2022, Virtual Vendor Hall

  • WisCon 2022, Vendor Hall

  • Fursquared 2022, Artist Alley

  • Midwest Furfest 2021, Dealer's Den

  • Aquatifur 2021, Dealer's Den

  • Gamehole Con 2021, Vendors Hall

  • Mighty Con Madison 2021, Artist Alley

  • GeekCraft Madison 2021, Vendor

  • Anime Midwest 2021, Artist Alley

  • Texas Furry Fiesta 2021, Virtual Dealer's Den

  • KatsuCon 2020, Vendors

  • EverCon 2020, Artist Alley

  • Midwest Furfest 2019, Artist Marketplace

  • GalaxyCon Minneapolis 2019, Artist Alley

  • Aquatifur 2019, Dealers Den

  • Furry Migration 2019, Dealers Den

  • Comic Con Revolution 2019, Artist Alley

  • Fursquared 2019, Artist Alley

  • Aquatifur 2018, Artist Alley

  • Midwest Furfest 2018, Artist Marketplace

  • Furry Migration 2018, Dealers Den

  • Indy Furcon 2018, Artist Alley

  • Fursquared 2018, Artist Alley

  • Midwest Furfest 2017, Artist Alley

  • Indy Furcon 2017, Artist Alley

Upcoming Conventions

​Conventions are starting up again as Covid-19 vaccinations roll-out through the USA. We will be updating this information as it is available to us!

  • Gamehole Con 2022

  • Aquatifur 2022

  • Midwest Furfest 2022

  • Evercon 2023, Vendors


Zines are a type of "fan magazine." Caramel Comics has been a part of several and is always looking forward to participating in more!

This list includes released and unreleased zines.

Contributing Artist

  • Spooky and Spice Charity Zine

  • Splatoon Beta Zine

  • Undiscovered Gems Zine

  • For True Story: A Sonadow Zine

  • The Prism Project Zine

  • PokéCrossing Zine

  • Ring Fit Kitchen, Art Team Moderator

  • Together - A Kingdom Hearts Polyamory Zine

Contributing Merch Artist

  • A Taste of the Valley: An Unofficial Stardew Valley Cookbook

  • The Prism Project Zine

  • Block by Block, A Minecraft FanZine

  • Ring Fit Kitchen, Merchandise Team Moderator

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