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Candy Club - February 2021

Welp. This should not be only the third update, but here we are. I'll get into more details on why this update took so long to come at the end, but let's start with the other news first.


As you may have noticed, not too many updates at the website have happened since the last Candy Club entry. Why so? We are planning on migrating the webhost of the Caramel Comics website in around July of this year. I am learning to code websites, and the plan is to move the website to a location that I have more control of. What does that mean for my followers? Nothing much yet! I'll have previews to show of the new website as we get closer to that date. As such, there will be minimal updates to the overall design and function of the website as it currently exists.

In the last update, we added a members area to the website so that the community could engage in the blog posts and more. This area has been disabled while we prepare for the move. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Our main blog series, How to Sell at Conventions, had another post added to its lineup in January. If you haven't read it yet, you can find it here!


New listings have not been added to the shop yet; however, we have many on the way! The special of the month has been stickers for many months now, but expect that to change soon with the new product listings.

What are the new listings you ask? Some will be familiar, as I have been working on revamping the old listings of things like the washi tapes and pixel earrings. Some brand new listings will be for things that have been previously only sold at conventions, like buttons, fur ears, and dice sets.

We also have a Kickstarter campaign in the works for some enamel pins. Follow us here or on social media for all the latest information. Expect more details in the next Candy Club edition!


I have been working my hardest to keep Caramel Comics going in the background but we have been going through a lot with my health. Immediately after my last Candy Club update, I got diagnosed with carpal tunnel and tendonitis from overworking myself. I should have listened to my own advice and taken more breaks, but I did not.

It took a long time to heal from those injuries. An unusually long time. With some other health history and testing, I currently have an (un)official diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Many doctors agree this is likely my condition, but unfortunately the wait time for an official genetics test and diagnosis is over 2 years. While it's difficult to know that I'll need to wait so long for more concrete answers, finding community resources and using the healthcare access I have has been lifechanging on healing and pain management.

Working any job, but especially this job, is quite challenging with multiple disabilities. I appreciate all the support that I have received over the years. I hope I can continue to make art for all, even if it takes me longer than I had planned.

Thank you for sticking with us at Caramel Comics! ♥


P.S. If you'd like to support us with a tip or donation, you can help on our Ko-fi page!

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