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selfportrait 2019

Carmen E.

Illustration • Product Design

Carmen is an artist and designer based in the Midwest of the USA. Their work specializes in themes of nature, fantasy, and identity.

Lazuli Portrait
Dragon Series: Wyvern
Sonic The Hedgehog: White Jungle Rival Fight
Dragon Series: Sea Serpent
Pyra Waist-up Badge
Nonbinary Elementals: Volcano
D&D Group Shot: Joe's Crew
Dragon Series: Frost
Nonbinary Elementals: Island
RPG Series 2: Wizard
RPG Series 1: Ranger
Poké Crossing - Zine Art
Self-portrait 2019
RPG Series 2: Cleric
RPG Series 2: Barbarian

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Carmen graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration in Drawing and Minor in Art History in 2015 from Ball State University.

Carmen has had work published in several zines and other projects. They have also presented their work in gallery shows. Carmen often shows and sells work at conventions around the USA.

For full details, check out the Galleries and Shows page.

Carmen is currently open for new work.

For personal client work, check out the Commissions page.

For commercial work, send an email or a message.

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