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Carmen illustrates in many different styles and mediums. They excel at following established style guides as well as creating artwork under their own personal styles. This page features the many options available for commercial illustration and for personal client commission work as well.

Click on any picture in the galleries below to learn more about it!

Illustration Mediums



colored pencils


ink pens


digital art software

Color Illustration

Mediums used for color illustration include watercolor, inks, colored pencils, and digital painting software.

This gallery features full color illustrations of original ideas, IPs, and client work.

RPG Series 2: Wizard
Dragon Series: Frost
Lazuli Portrait
Nonbinary Elementals: Island
RPG Series 2: Cleric
Dragon Series: Sea Serpent
Pyra Waist-up Badge
Sushi Series: Urchin
Sushi Series: Egg
Sushi Series: Salmon Roe
Nonbinary Elementals: Volcano
Dragon Series: Wyvern
RPG Series 1: Ranger
RPG Series 2: Barbarian
Dragon Series: Amphithere

Black and White Illustration

Black and White

Mediums used for black and white illustration include ink, graphite, and charcoal .

This gallery features black and white illustrations of original ideas and client work.

Self-portrait 2019
Shy Portrait
The Devil's Angels
Potions withe Mesi (and Thomli)
D&D Group Shot: Joe's Crew

Fan Work

Fan Work

Mediums used the for fan illustrations shown here include ink and digital art software.

This gallery features illustrations from various different IPs. Some of this work was published in or alongside fan zines.

Sonic The Hedgehog: White Jungle Rival Fight
Cuphead: Grim Matchstick Phase 3
Stardew Valley Kitchen
Ring Fit Kitchen Zine Cover
Poké Crossing - Zine Art

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