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"Be Gay Do Crimes"Decal

"Be Gay Do Crimes"Decal

This vinyl decal can stick to anything and remind everyone of one of our most favorite phrases, "Be Gay, Do Crimes!" This decal is white vinyl and text only in a playful script. Purchasing this will help you spread the message!


decals are made of white vinyl with adhesive and measure roughly 4 inches square

  • All of our vinyl stickers are printed on high quality vinyl. The print is waterproof and highly fade-resistant. The adhesive is highly water-resistant. If you get a flat tight seal, the sticker should stay in place for a long time, even if on a surface that gets wet like a car or water bottle, or constantly rubbed like on a phone or laptop.

  • Obviously, crimes are crimes which are illegal. We are not responsible for any actions that you may feel inclined to do upon seeing this sticker. By purchasing this, you agree that your actions are your own.

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