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How to Sell At Conventions: the Series

This post is a complete list of all the topics that will be covered in the How to Sell At Conventions blog series. As new entries are posted, each topic listed below will have a link added to the post. Thanks for reading!



  • Selling at Conventions 101

  • The Brainstorming and the Business Plan

  • Taxes, what you can do on your own, and when you need an accountant

  • Bookkeeping and Receipts, becoming an accountant (or not!)

  • Money: business bank accounts, online payments, credit cards, and loans

  • THE Income Question (Business VS Hobby)

  • Time Management: business work vs product work

  • Protecting your IP: Image theft, DMCA, Trademarks, Copyright

  • Ethical Business Practice: politics, image, sustainability, and accessibility


  • Branding: logos, color schemes, accessibility, legal

  • Branding: business cards, website, online store front

  • Traditional Marketing: advertisements, in-person

  • Social Media Marketing: platforms, management, and RSS

  • Customers: the good, the bad, and the annoying

  • Commissions: how, where, in-person vs online

  • Patreon, Ko-fi, recurrent payments, tiers

  • Online Sales: platforms, FAQ

  • Shipping: online postage, USPS vs others, international rates

  • Shipping: labels, label printers, packaging, sustainability

  • Crowdfunding: Kickstarter vs other sites, why, how

  • Selling Internationally (USA based)


  • Convention Displays, what kinds and why

  • Materials: what are they made of, where to get, table sizes

  • Design: design, colors, safety, interactivity, theft reduction

  • Dressing to match your booth and the convention

  • Where to get organizers and other equipment for the show

  • Tying It All Together: A Convention Display That Works


  • What do people sell at conventions? Online?

  • How much should I buy? (The Rule of 10s)

  • Pricing: industry standards, community standards, products

  • Sourcing: print shops, apparel shops, POD shops, being hired

  • Factory Sourcing 101: avoiding scams, imports, group orders

  • THE Fanart Question and trends vs interests vs sales


  • What kinds of conventions should I sell at?

  • What am I allowed at to sell conventions?

  • Convention Applications, how and when

  • Convention Survival Tips: 6-2-1, general attendance vs vending

  • Furry Conventions 101 and how/when to sell at them

  • 18+ events/vendor areas, adult merchandise/art, policies

  • Traveling: hotels, airBnB, sharing, selling alone, safety

  • Traveling: driving, buses, trains, airplanes, walking?

  • Convention Insurance: what is it and do I need it?

  • Protecting yourself from theft, both money and merchandise

  • International Conventions (USA home based)

  • Examples of Convention Schedules, mine and others


  • THE Art School question

  • Entry Points to Convention Selling and How to Pivot

  • Building Skills: art vs business, raw skill vs timing vs luck

  • Portfolios: industry vs convention applications, website

  • Zines: participation, running, fair work compensation

  • Dealing with Rejection, Building Professionalism

  • Networking: why, how, discrimination, abuse

  • Artist Groups, when to use search engines and when to ask for help

  • Art Videos and Streaming: platforms, equipment, monetization

  • Digital tech recommendations: printers, tablets, software

  • Traditional media recommendations: pencils, paints, paper

  • Office Equipment: desks, chairs, home storage

  • How to Learn Art Outside of a Classroom, plus book recommendations


  • Health Insurance: what you need and where to get it (USA)

  • Retirement: savings accounts, retirement accounts

  • Mental Health Tips

  • Physical Health Tips (stretch!)

  • Work-Life Balance, Time Management Tips

  • Burnout: how to avoid, what to do when there

  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others in Unhealthy Ways

  • Covid-19 and Con Crud: How to Stay Safe While Vending

  • Tips for Selling at Conventions when You Have Disabilities

  • Eating Healthy on the Road (the best we can)

  • Ways to Relax at Conventions


Any new topics will be added to this list as well. To never miss a post, subscribe to our mailing list. If you would like to support this series, share your favorite posts or leave us a tip on Ko-fi! See you in the next post!


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